Alnwick Gin 50CL



Alnwick Gin is their original product and is amazingly popular amongst gin lovers. It is an award
winning drink, having secured a silver medal in the 2018 London Spirits Competition, and only
missing out on a gold medal by 1 point! The London Spirits Competition listed Alnwick Gin in
the Top 20 Must Try Gins of 2019.
This flavoursome gin, renowned for its smoothness and unique flavour, is carefully hand crafted
in the heart of rural Northumberland. The 11 botanicals are carefully selected and expertly
infused for just the right period of time, never to long, never to short, to ensure we have a
consistent, high quality, great tasting gin.

Some of the key botanicals you will savour are
• Juniper
• Cardamom
• Coriander
• Black Pepper
• Rosehip
• Lavender
• Rosemary
• Fennel

Each batch is limited to just 100 litres to ensure sure that each sip of Alnwick Gin is exactly as
the Gin Master intended.
The 50cl and 20cl product is presented in a distinctive earthenware bottle with our bespoke
pewter front label on them. Each bottle also carries the gin masters signature and the batch
number on the rear label. A 5cl glass miniature is also available in this product (pictures not to