Cooper King – Dry Gin 70cl (42%)


Cold-distilled with beautiful lemongrass, savoury cardamom and a touch of locally grown lavender, it has engaging layers of warming spice balanced with delicate floral notes and a silky mouthfeel.

Enjoy sipped neat or over ice with Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water and a fresh rosemary sprig.

“It’s a big spirit, rich and spiced. It is super tasty and we’ll definitely keep coming back for more” – Gin Foundry


1 square metre of native English broadleaf woodland is planted for every bottle of gin sold, thanks to our charity partnership with the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT). We’ve planted over 10,000 square metres (one hectare) of managed woodland so far, offsetting 500,000kg of CO2 (50kg of CO2 offset for every bottle of gin sold). We head into the Yorkshire Dales to help YDMT during the tree-planting season, which always makes for a fresh day out!