Five Fathoms (Gin Gift Set)


Five Fathoms gin is a distillery based near the Humber estuary. They traditionally create spirits that reflect a journey across land and sea. Attempting to capture the essence of the timeless flow of the tides and unite it with botanicals from across the globe.


Gift boxes of the three flavours, Humber Dry, Rhubarb & Star Anise and Blackcurrant & Black Pepper. Sold in a set of three 20cl bottles.

Humber Dry – Dry juniper led gin balanced with hints of cardamom and pepper, citrus notes, a smooth mouth feel and a lingering sweetness.

Rhubarb & Star Anise – A Juniper led base gin infused with real rhubarb and star anise to bring forth a fresh fruity sharpness complimented by the warming sweetness of star anise.

Blackcurrant & Black Pepper – A Juniper led base gin infused with real Blackcurrants and Black Peppercorns. The candied ripeness of an English Hedgerow married with the woody notes and heat of black pepper.